The 40 Best Costumes from Tokyo Marathon 2013

1. This guy. He made me proud to be foreign.

Hands down, the winner of the Tokyo Marathon 2013 Funny Costume Contest:

Tokyo Marathon 2013 Costumes

If you don’t want to see the individual pictures (all 40 of them), you can just check out this shortened post that combined the images for about 100 costumes.

If you want information on How to Register for the 2014 Tokyo Marathon or 2015 Tokyo Marathon, click here. 

2. No. 2 Pencil. Get it?

This is why we can’t have nice things. I also want to know who thought it would be fun to run 42 km for the 2013 Tokyo Marathon in a giant, green pencil costume.


3. That annoying video-camera guy that plays at the beginning of EVERY SINGLE Japanese movie in theaters, reminding you that video piracy is illegal. I wonder how long before Tokyo Marathon he started making his costume. IMG_7628

4. Heidi the goat keeper. Who is actually a man in a red wig and a skirt, carrying a large stuffed goat for the 42 km run of Tokyo Marathon. I was impressed. IMG_7674

5. I don’t even know who this guy is, but the armor looked heavy. And it was shiny. And he has such a nice smile. IMG_7658

6. This man is illegitimately running with a shrine on top of his head. That is dedication. The detail alone made this one of the best costumes. IMG_7666

7. The most impressive part of this costume is the fact that after 35 km, his make-up was still intact. IMG_7604

8. If you can’t tell from the costume, the lamp is supposed to stick out further, and has “Rub Me!” written on it. Subtle. Very subtle. It’s the Genie from Aladdin with the best mask in the marathon.

9. Spartan Warrior. I was very impressed with this costume. His shield was all shiny too. I can’t believe he carried it for the entire marathon. They really ought to have a ‘I carried an annoying prop for the 2013 Tokyo Marathon’ badge. This man (and the Heidi for earlier) totally earned it. IMG_7732

10. Bumblebee. I also saw an Optimus Prime later (but wasn’t able to get a picture). Also, one of the best costumes. IMG_763311. This creepy costume is going to give me nightmares. I guarantee it. It was a pretty interesting costume.


12. Not impressed? I’m fairly certain this man ran the entire race with his arms outstretched like this. As he was running, he did this awkward back and forth shuffle so that he could keep his arms up in the air in a Michael Jackson tribute. Be impressed.


13. Bacon and Egg couple. Alone, they might not have made my Tokyo Marathon 2013 Best Costume Award list, but they ran the race holding up a “Thank You” sign between them. Have you ever tried to run 42 km while holding a sign? It’s hard. Or so I’ve heard.


14. It’s a soccer ball. It was a silly costume.


15. The AT LEAST 60 year old woman, dressed in a costume from Sailor Moon. I have a sneaking suspicion I also saw her at the Tokyo St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Harajuku. But I’m not sure.


16. This Doraimon costume gets extra points because I’m not sure how they were able to breathe/not overheat in that costume.


17. I really wish I knew who this character was, but I’m drawing a blank. If you know, please leave the name in the comment section.


18. Ketchup and Mustard couples costume. Very funny costumes!


19. Taiyaki (たい焼き) man. In bright gold spandex.


20. There was even a bit of Toy Story in the 2013 Tokyo Marathon. Buzz didn’t look to happy, though. IMG_7730

21. Cosplay time! Takashi from Naruto – who gets extra points for doing a ninja pose on demand (but I didn’t get a picture of it)


22. Mutant cross between Luffy and Chopper from One Piece. This was a pretty funny costume.


23.  The Phantom of the Opera made a special appearance. IMG_7634

24. She gets extra points for great attitude!


25. Cutest couple in Tokyo Marathon 2013 goes to Micky and Minnie Mouse


26. Yet another clown that will give me nightmares… What a weird clown costume.


27. Once again, not sure.


28. Wonder Woman


29. And what would a Tokyo Marathon be without a little bit of Dragon Ball?


30. Robin, but not Batman… I guess he’s already retired.


31. Once again, not sure. The Tokyo Marathon 2013 had some pretty weird costumes. Also, just so you know, I spent the entire race on the sidelines, cheering on people like this.


32. To be completely fair, I think I saw close to ten Micheal Jacksons in the 2013 Tokyo Marathon.


33. Once again, no idea.


34. A cute fish.


35. No Tokyo Marathon would be complete without at least one Luigi or Mario costume (just like an American College Halloween Party).


36. I talked about this guy in a previous post. He dangled a beer can in front of his cap to give him motivation to run. Very clever.


37. It’s a bottle of Sake (alcohol) running.


38. Edward Elric, the Fullmetal Alchemist, and cosplayer at the Tokyo Marathon 2013.


39. Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland.


40. Once again, not sure.

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  8. I think the first guy that you blanked on was supposed to be Jafar from Aladdin, but a Fail Jafar and the second (bunny) was supposed to be from Alice in Wonderland.
    Looks like this was a blast to watch. Hopefully the weather wasn’t too hot for all the runners. ^^ Hopefully, next year you can participate with Ryosuke ^^

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