Hotel Raizan in Osaka: Worth Every Yen

At around 2000 yen (around $21) a night for a single, private room with a TV, Hotel Raizan in downtown Osaka sounds too good to be true. After all, I live in Tokyo, and hotels in Tokyo don’t come cheap (actually, scratch that. Nothing in Tokyo comes cheap).

So when I found Hotel Raizan on, located in Osaka’s Shin-Imamiya area, for only 2000 yen for a private room, I was skeptical. Very skeptical.


Hotel Raizan is about a ten minute walk from the Osaka Loop Line’s Shin-Imamiya station or a five minute walk from the Midosuji Line’s Dobutsuenmae station. Hotel Raizan is right along the main road, so I could easily find it even with a crude, hand-drawn map in my notebook.

From the main road, you can see the Hotel Raizan sign. It’s on the right side of the road. The only thing that threw me for a bit of a loop was the fact that there is both a North and South Hotel Raizan. At first, I went to the North Hotel Raizan. They didn’t have my reservation number. While I was in the middle of panicking a bit, one of the nice hotel staff walked me over to the next building, South Hotel Raizan.

The entire check-in process took less than five minutes. I paid the rest of the 2000 yen (200 yen was due from my credit card when I first made the reservation). There was also a 1000 yen deposit due for “key money,” that was returned when I checked out.

I was on the 9th floor. My room was pretty straight-forward. The bed was comfortable with a thick mattress, clean blankets, a small TV, an air-conditioned/heater, bath towels, a robe, and a personal desk.


To be fair, I really did like the hotel. It was cheap, clean, my neighbors were quiet, and everyone was friendly. I met several friendly backpackers (a German couple and woman from China).

If you need a place to stay in Osaka for a night or two, I completely recommend Hotel Raizan. It is well worth the money.


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