How to take the Kichijoji Airport Shuttle Bus to the Narita/Haneda Airport

The Kichijoji Airport Limousine Shuttle Bus is by far the cheapest and most convenient way to get to both the Narita and Haneda Airport. Priced at 1,200 to Haneda Airport and 3,000 yen to Narita Airport from Kichijoji Station, it is both affordable and easy to use.


In fact, the hardest part is actually just finding the bus stop. The first time I took the Kichijoji Airport shuttle to the Narita Airport, it took me a solid twenty minutes of asking station employees, conbini workers, and construction workers, trying to find the bus. Each person sent me in a different direction; it turns out most people don’t know where it boards.

To make matters worse, I was lugging around two large suitcases.

I don’t think anyone should have to suffer the same fate I did. So I wanted to make a guide and map on how to take the Kichijoji Airport Limousine Shuttle Bus to the Haneda Airport or Narita Airport:

How to take the Kichijoji Airport Limousine Shuttle Bus to the Narita/Haneda Airport

1. Figure out what bus you should take, based on your flight. You can look up the bus timetable here (Narita or Haneda). While you can technically buy your tickets in advance to the Haneda or Narita Airport, I’ve never seen the bus more than 10% full. So you really don’t have to buy your tickets in advance…

If you are going from either Narita or Haneda Airport to Kichijoji, you can buy the tickets at the front counter (that looks like this) and directly board the bus. The Airport Limousine services several different areas, I just want to write about Kichijoji (since Kichijoji is the closest station to International Christian University that has the option of the Airport Limousine.

This is a timetable for the Kichijoji Shuttle Bus

This is a timetable for the Kichijoji Shuttle Bus

The bus drops you off right next to Kichijoji; it’s not complicated.

However, if you’ve never taken the bus before, finding the stop can be difficult.

Quick information (for your reference):

For an international flight, try to get to either the Haneda or Narita airport at least 2 hours before your flight, just in case there are delays on the bus.

The Haneda Airport Limousine costs 1,200 yen and takes about 45 – 90 minutes.

The Narita Airport Limousine costs 3,000 yen and takes about 85 – 120 minutes (but can take longer, depending on traffic)

2. Go to Kichijoji Station. I usually use the Chuo line (or Chuo Sobu Line) to Kichijoji Station, but depending on your location, you can also take the Keio Inokashira Line.

3. Take the Park Exit (公園口) and take a left. To be fair, the only way you can go is left.


4. Go down the escalators and follow signs for the exit (出口).

5. Take the South Exit (南口).


6. As soon as you walk out of the South Exit, you should see a Softbank and Doutor Coffee shop in front of you. Take a left.


7. Walk straight towards the light. The wall of the Kichijoji Station should be on your left.


8. Cross the street at the light and take a left. Walk along the sidewalk.


9. Keep walking along the sidewalk. You should pass a line of taxis and a book shop.


10. Keep walking straight, pass the LIFE grocery store. Once again, Kichijoji station should be across the street on your left.


11. Keep walking until you see the atre building. The bus stop is right in front of the atre building. There should be a sign with the Narita and Haneda Airport Limousine Shuttle Bus timetables on it as well as an attendant.


12. Get in line. See that guy? He’s headed to Haneda Airport.


Most buses only leave once an hour (sometimes more often, especially during “rush” hours). If two buses have similar departure times (for instance if one is going to Narita Airport and the other is going Haneda Airport), the station attendant will put out signs to designate the airport.

Just so you know, 成田means Narita (airport) and 羽田means Haneda (airport). Remember those kanji. If you don’t feel like writing them down or memorizing them, just ask the attendant.

13. Get on the bus. You pay when you enter. You can technically get change on the bus, but it takes a while. It is much more polite to have exact change.

14. Sleep until you get to the airport. The nice thing about these Kichijoji Airport Limousine Shuttle Buses is the fact that their first and only stop is at the airport in question (either Haneda or Narita). Therefore, you don’t have to worry about somehow missing your stop.

15. (optional) Come back to Japan as soon as possible! 

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