How to make Raw Salmon Donburi Rice Bowl: Easy Japanese Recepes for Foreigners


I don’t like cooked fish. I never have, which is a real shame because my dad makes some delicious smoked salmon a couple times a year – I just can’t appreciate it’s rich flavor because there’s this overwhelming taste of “sea.”

Raw fish, on the other hand, I have no problem with. I love raw fish. I’m not quite sure why, just somewhere along the road of getting cooked, fish gets this extra flavor and consistency that I just don’t like.

And (ironically enough) raw salmon is one of my favorite things in Japan. Recently I discovered raw salmon donburi (丼), which is basically just raw salmon over a bowl of rice. It’s some of the most simple and easy Japanese cooking that I know.

How to make Raw Salmon Donburi (丼):

1. Buy your raw salmon. Be careful, it needs to be the kind of fish you can eat raw (because apparently there’s a difference).


Most salmon you can eat raw, no problem. I’ve never actually seen salmon in the supermarket that you CAN’T eat raw. Just to be safe, look for the kanji: 刺身 (Sashimi).


Salmon sashimi (or any kind of fish sashimi) is the kind of fish you find at rotation sushi restaurants.

2. Start making rice. I usually use a rice cooker, but there are types you can make in the microwave (putting raw rice in with water in a special container) or buying a pre-made set of rice that you just microwave for a couple minutes.

IMG_0421Whatever floats your boat.

3. Cut your raw salmon.


Try to cut it as thin as possible (within reason). I like to cut my salmon really thin, so that one 400 yen packet (like $4) can last for three separate meals.

4. Spruce up your rice. This is pretty optional. I usually add seaweed flakes – just because I’m too lazy to do anything else. When I eat Salmon donburi in a restaurant, they usually have some pretty awesome toppings.


Then again, the main point of salmon donburi is, well, the raw salmon.

5. Pour a small plate/cup of soy sauce. You can either pour the soy sauce directly over the salmon rice bowl (like my fiance), or keep a small plate beside you to dip each piece before you eat it (like me).

6. Enjoy!


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