What to wear as a Trophy Wife: Things I learned from TLC’s TV show, Secrets of a Trophy Wife

TLC's Secrets of a Trophy Wife

TLC has really outdone itself this time with their newest reality show “Secrets of a Trophy Wife,” that is set to follow four ridiculously wealthy couples in Southern California. It explores the concept “Trophy Wife” (an attractive, young woman married to a rich, older man) by following these four couples around and getting a glimpse into their life. To watch TLC’s Secret’s of a Trophy Wife, click here (Youtube) or click here (TLC website).

Rather than write a review of TLC’s Secrets of a Trophy Wife, I wanted to write what I learned from the show.

1. Have a “perfect” body

These women had amazing bodies. I don’t know if their boobs were real or not, but their figure was the epitome of the “American” or “Californian” standard of beauty.

Jennifer told the crew she goes to the gym every day, sometimes twice a day, to make sure her figure stays good. Others expressed similar sentiment.

TLC's Secrets of a Trophy Wife

To be fair, I can’t tell how much of this is real and how much is just for the television. In any case – these women took great pride in the way they looked. As “off-putting” as that might seem, I actually think it is admirable.

As a woman, I would rather be known for my brains than my beauty. My biggest fear is people thinking I got to where I am based on the way I look. None of these women mind calling themselves “Trophy Wives,” though. They acknowledge their killer bodies, fashion, make-up, and strategic personalities landed them a rich (albeit older) husband, and have no shame flaunting it. I find that interesting.

“I’ve always thought of the term Trophy Wife being something positive… Yes, I am a trophy wife. I love it. It’s a really good feeling.” – Jennifer Stano

2. Wear high heels, all the time

I don’t blame them, high heels look great. By definition, being a Trophy Wife means one of your “best points” is the way you look (but all these girls had some pretty unique personalities).

In any case, according to TLC’s Secrets of a Trophy Wife, Trophy Wives need to wear heels (and look good walking in them). One of the women, Leyla, was actually pregnant; but that didn’t stop her from rocking heels at every appearance.

“I would be delighted to be known as a trophy wife.” Leyla (the pregnant trophy wife)

You can't tell, but she's wearing high heels.

You can’t tell, but she’s wearing high heels.

3. Regardless of the occasion: Make sure your outfit leaves nothing to the imagination

They had great figures, so naturally each women flaunted their sic figure with some gorgeous, tight-fitting dresses and skirts (that went along nicely with their heels).

4. Dye your hair black or bleach it blonde

I don’t know what it is about black and bleached blonde: but most of the women who appeared on TLC’s Secrets of a Trophy Wife (whether they were actually trophy wives or not) had it. Actually all but one of the women either had black hair or bleached blond; instead she had blonde streaks.

TLC's Secrets of a Trophy Wife

5. Tan. Tan like there is no tomorrow.

I’m just going to go on record here and say I think tans look great. I think there is such thing as over tanning, though, and a lot of these trophy wives were dangerously close to it.

However, everyone has their own opinion on what “over tanning” looks like. In any case, the textbook example for a Trophy Wife (at least according to TLC’s Secrets of a Trophy Wife) is tan skin, heavy mascara, thick eyeliner, black or bleached blonde hair, killer body, and a nice set of heels.

TLC's Secrets of a Trophy Wife

 “I want to be a trophy wife. There’s no question about it.” -Paula

So seriously, if (for whatever reason) you want to be a trophy wife, get tanning.

6. Unlimited “Fashion forward” Wardrobe

Most of the women had “black cards,” which apparently means unlimited credit cards. Their husbands didn’t care how much they spent on their wardrobe. Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy chic shoes and the latest trends.

“A happy wife is a happy home” – TLC Secrets of a Trophy Wife

 TLC's Secrets of a Trophy Wife

Looking into the lives of the Trophy Wives on TLC’s Secrets of a Trophy Wife was interesting, to say the least. I’m glad I did it – but even more, I’m glad I’m not them. Their life seems unnecessarily complicated; I don’t want to live in the limelight.

I’m perfectly happy (more than happy) with a fiancé who thinks I look much better without make-up; a fiancé who would rather backpack through Southeast Asia than buy a new car.

More than anything, my review of TLC’s Secrets of a Trophy Wife has taught me that everyone has a different set of standards, values, dreams, and goals. I’m happy just leaving it at: To each their own.

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