Tokyo Station: The prettiest building in Chiyada (Japan)

Tokyo station building Japan Yaesu

Tokyo Station is a grand, red brick building in Chiyada, Tokyo. It is famous not only because of its name (Tokyo Station) or the fact it is the closest building to the famous Imperial Palace, but also because it has been dubbed the “busiest station in Japan” [in terms of the number of trains who leave the station per day – just over 3,000].

The Tokyo Station intercity rail terminal opened in 1914 to service the Imperial Palace; unfortunately most of the three-story building was destroyed in the fire bombings of 1945. The buildings were quickly restored, but lacked the initial grandeur and architectural simplicity that Tokyo Station had become famous for.

In 2007, the building began renovations, trying to restore this iconic red brick building back to its original standards. Most of the construction finished in October, 2012 – now tourists who are heading through Tokyo Station can get some pictures with the red, brick and vaguely British clock tower looking building on the Yaesu side.

Other than that, there really isn’t much to see at Tokyo Station (aside from the extensive network of underground shops). The only reason I would recommend stopping by Tokyo Station is if you are on the way to the Imperial Palace Grounds.

Tokyo Station Building, Japan

To get to the Tokyo Imperial Palace Grounds, go out of any of the Yaesu exits (the Central exit is the best) and walk straight (perpendicular to Tokyo Station) for about ten minutes. You should arrive at the outskirts of the Imperial Palace Grounds after a stop couple lights.

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