The Delicious Fake Food Museum and Shop in Tokyo

Fake food is wonderful. In all the things that Japan is famous for (Ramen noodles, Sushi, Anime, Rice, Technology, Boy/Girl bands) fake food really ought to be one of them.

And here’s why.

Fake Food Tokyo Japan

Because this looks wonderful. I would eat this.

And then I would die.

Because it’s not edible.

Most restaurants in Japan display fake food in their shop window. The fake food is uniquely crafted to mimic specialties within the store. I’ve seen fake ice cream floats, fake ramen noodles, fake slices of fruit, and fake udon noodles. Even cheap restaurants will often have exquisitely crafted fake food (that looks better than your actual meal). I always wondered where this fake food came from. Thanks to a tour on Meetrip with my old roommate, I found out. The store’s name was:


Fake Food Tokyo Japan

This is the fake food museum in Tokyo Japan (click here for the store website). Rather than a museum, it is more like a store. It also happens to be in a fake food district; some of the neighbor stores also sell fake food to restaurants. This was the only shop I found that actually sold “make your own fake food” kits.

Of course I bought one. I can’t wait to make my very own Melon Soda ice cream float with orange slices, whip cream, and a cherry on top.

Fake Food Tokyo Japan

The inside of the shop is filled with various fake food. Some of them are traditional (and luxurious) fake food dishes, such as a rare steak dinner or an udon set.

Some are much more interesting.

My favorite was either the fake beer keychain (a small glass of beer overflowing – and shrunken into the perfect keychain size) or the pan fried meat and vegetable clock (a frying pan with mean and vegetables systematically arranged to make a clock).

Fake Food Tokyo Japan

I couldn’t figure out if pictures were allowed or not.

They didn’t stop me

Even if I kenw the food was fake, my stomach wouldn’t believe me. And I wouldn’t blame children for accidentally eating this. Get me hungry enough and I would go for a nibble.

Fake Food Tokyo Japan

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