Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves of a Sumo Wrestler

Sumo wrestling JapanSumo wrestling is all about curves.

The curve of the stadium – everyone is circled around this traditional match, with the closest seats costing several hundred dollars per match.

The curve of defeat – the first one to step outside this circle drawn into the platform loses. Everyone holds their breath, snaps pictures, and claps during the breaks during each match.

Sumo wrestling JapanThe curve of the butt – full of power (mostly fat and muscle), pushing each competitor onward.

The curve of the hair – the long hair worn by sumo wrestlers, nestled neatly in a bun atop their head.

The curve of the bandages – sumo wrestlers who suffer injuries must wrap these flesh colored bandages around their arms and legs, trying to score them a win in the next round.

Sumo wrestling JapanThe curve of the advertisements – companies can decide when their advertisement is aired during a sumo match. Most companies (such as Ochazuke in this picture) choose to have their logo circulated during the climax of the sumo tournament, during the last couple matches.

The curve of the motions – each ritual is circular. From throwing salt, to stepping, to wiping your face, to wrestling, everything is a circle.

Sumo wrestling Japan

Written for the Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves 

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15 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves of a Sumo Wrestler

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  9. Now that’s a lot of various kinds of curves! 🙂 The way the advertisements are shown is interesting. I daresay your choice will be unique for the challenge.


    • Thank you so much!
      I really like the sumo advertisement; I think it is a very unique concept (especially toward then end, when they have to interrupt each match to parade around the stage).

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