How to (correctly) put on a Japanese Face Mask

Face masks are everywhere in Japan. My fiance couldn’t believe I had never worn or used one before. What can I say? I’m just not into… that kind of stuff.

But there’s a first time for everything. This is my documentary and how to guide on how to (correctly) put on a Japanese Face Mask:

1. Find a face mask that suits your taste. 

Handsome Mask Silly sign JapanThis, of course, isn’t the one I used. This face mask is for men. It promises to make them cool, cute, sexy, macho, or “whatever you want to be,” because “boys have to have clean skin.” I feel like Japan is one of the only countries that can get away with this. As I mentioned before, Japan has the highest per capita skin care market in the world. Most of the Japanese people I know take matriculate care of their skin – it is rather impressive. And a bit creepy (sorry).

In any case, I’ve been “collecting” face masks for a while now. Some of mine are from Korean town, others were on sale at the drugstore, some Ryosuke brings home from company interviews (since he is working for a pharmaceutical company). His company gave him this mask recently – I decided to try it.

how to use a face mask Japan

2. Try to decipher the instructions. Japanese face masks seem simple enough. I confess, I didn’t even bother “reading” the instructions, I just followed the pictures. Even in English, I prefer pictures to words.

how to use a face mask Japan

Not all the face masks have instructions. This one did. That’s why I tried it first.

3. Open the package. This mask had a pretty strong smell (not a bad smell, just a strong one). I was surprised.

4. Pull out the incredibly slimy face mask. It should look like this. Those flaps are actually important.

how to use a face mask Japan

5. Pull at the tags sticking out (as shown in the earlier instructions). 

6. Pull harder. Don’t be afraid of ripping the mask. My mask was pretty slippery so it took me a couple tries to separate the mask.

7. Try to figure out which side is the slimiest. The slimiest side is supposed to go on your face… but both sides are pretty slimy.

8. Poke out the eyes and lips shapes from the mask. Breathing (and seeing) is important.

how to use a face mask Japan

9. Put the slimiest section on your face. It kept slipping across my face; if there wasn’t enough slime, it would peel off.

10. Adjust the mask so it matches the picture. Also, stop judging me.

Nailed it!

Nailed it!

11. Give up. Resign to look creepy.

12. Wait five to fifteen minutes (times depend on mask). If you have a judgmental loved one, try Skyping with them. They will love it.

13. Wash your face. 

14. Bask in the shiny nature of your new skin. Or, if you’re like me, you won’t be able to tell the difference.


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