Jumping into Marriage

My biggest jump wasn’t actually a jump. Or at least I didn’t think it was.

At the time, it seemed like the next logical progression. I know that might not make sense to a lot of people. Explaining a relationship like trying to explain how great the newest Disney movie is. Explaining a relationship is like showing a friend all the sunset pictures you took at the beach. Explaining a relationship is like trying to explain how wonderful the basil feta cheese pizza you ate at that hole-in-the-wall restaurant downtown.

If you’re not there, if you don’t see if, feel it, taste it, and experience it- it doesn’t make sense.

Jumping into Marriage

People always ask “don’t you feel like you’re jumping into marriage too soon”? No, I don’t. I spent less time deciding on a college, less time committing to a major, less time figuring out a job, and less time deciding whether or not I should get another pet rabbit. I jumped into all of those, and never had a problem. When you know, you know.Marrying my best friend has literally been the only thing I’ve thought about since the moment he got down on one knee with a strawberry ring pop and asked me to be his girlfriend. And when you’ve been thinking about something for an entire year, trying to second-guess yourself, and still haven’t found any fault – maybe there wasn’t any fault to begin with.

I have commitment issues. However, for some reason, I don’t have commitment issues about marriage. I can’t wait for this next chapter of my life.

It turns out my biggest jump wasn’t a jump at all.

Written for Daily Prompt: Might as Well Jump

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22 responses to “Jumping into Marriage

  1. I just accidentally happened to find your blog and wow, this topic resonates with me a lot! My husband and me tied the knot just 2 weeks ago. He asked me to marry him after we had been together for only two weeks (and had known each other for 4). It just felt right so I said yes. You wrote that very well: “If you’re not there, if you don’t see if, feel it, taste it, and experience it- it doesn’t make sense”, totally agree with you!

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  4. I can totally relate with this post. I dated my husband for six months before marrying him. After various long relationships throughout my life – ones where I didn’t even think about marriage. This time, I just knew.

    • I can agree with that. It’s not so much of a jump as just the next step.
      I have friends that have been dating for three years with no plans of marriage, and friends like “us” that tie the knot within a couple months to a year.

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