How to Buy Tickets to the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra (in Japan)

Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra Japan NHK Symphony Concert Hall Building

I went to the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra last weekend, it was one of the best things I’ve done all month. I absolutely love classical music; it was a great chance to dress up and hit the town. However, buying tickets can be a little complicated – so I wanted to make a guide on how to buy and pay for tickets to the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, which is held in the NHK Symphony Orchestra Hall.

1. Figure out the show you want to go to.

Shows have different ticket release dates, depending on your priority.

  • Top Priority = people who have subscribed to Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra (whatever that means).
  • Priority = Tokyo Philharmonic Friends, which basically means you are a member of the Tokyo Phil Harm Friends group (I have no idea how to enter this group).
  • General = General audience. Anyone can buy these tickets. Don’t worry, most shows don’t sell out (at least immediately), so you should be able to get a ticket easily.

2. Order tickets to the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra by phone, online, or at the NKH hall.

The NHK Symphony Orchestra Building

The NHK Symphony Orchestra Building

The Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra Website had full concert dates and more information on how to order tickets. Basically you can “order” your tickets for any of the NHK Symphony Orchestra shows one of three ways: online, by phone, or at the building itself.

Ordering Online: You can use either your computer or mobile phone to order tickets. Click here for options. I personally like using the Lawson’s system over the TicketPia system, but that is a personal preference. Please note that you are not actually paying for your tickets, only “reserving” them. You still have to pay before the show.

Ordering by Phone: To order your tickets for the NHK Symphony Orchestra Hall, call 03-3464-1780. An operator will help you choose your seat (in English). This is convenient for guests who live out of the country, because you can pay via phone on your credit card, rather than going to a convenience store in Japan to pay.

Ordering at the NHK Symphony Orchestra Hall in Tokyo: I don’t recommend this way, just because it involved traveling down to the building itself to purchase the tickets. Click here for more details (including the address). Payment is in cash only.

3. Pay for the Tickets at Lawson’s Ticket Machine.

Lawsons Lawson Convenience Store to buy concert tickets

If you ordered your tickets online (or via phone but chose not to use a credit card), you will need to head to your nearest Lawson’s convenience store to pay. You go to the red Loppi ticket machine, enter in your information (name and ticket number), print out your ticket receipt, take the receipt to the front of the store, pay, wait for them to print out your tickets, get your tickets, and go home.

Lawson's Loppi Ticket Machine

Lawson’s Loppi Ticket Machine

If you have trouble, you can always ask.

4. Show up at the NHK Symphony Concert Hall at least an hour ahead of time.

Doors will open 30 minute prior to the show. Please not food, drinks, and photography is not permitted within the concert hall.

Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra Japan NHK Symphony Concert Hall Building

The inside of the building is absolutely gorgeous

5. Enjoy the show.

Hopefully you will be as blown away as I was. For more information, check the English website of the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra here.

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