My Life is a Rolling Stone (with no commitments): Daily Prompt

Feeding seagulls on a Matsushima Island cruise in Japan

Feeding seagulls on a Matsushima Island cruise in Japan

I want to travel.

Travelling is like breathing. When I’m not travelling, when I’m in the same place for too long, it feels like I’m standing in a shallow pool, where the water is slowly rising.

And right now I feel like the water is around neck level.  

And this is ironic, because I’m in the middle of a 15 month study abroad stint in Japan. To most people, this counts as travelling. Not to me. It doesn’t seem “new” anymore. So, sometimes when I get bored, I like to browse through plane tickets to neat, exotic locations like the Philippians, Cambodia, Hong Kong, or Jakarta.

A sign for toilets in Akita, Japan

A sign for toilets in Akita, Japan

I realized Japan is more like a home than a travel destination when I see signs like this. Instead of marveling at the unique or “weird Japanese things,” I simply appreciate they took the time to make a sign. That’s helpful.

I’ve dragged my fiancé halfway across Japan on my travelling whims. He loves it. We are in the middle of planning our ‘after graduation’ trip – stuck between the sandy beaches of Okinawa or the nature parks of Hokkaido.

“Beach…. Because, well, I like beaches.” Ryosuke eventually decided, still playing with the yu-gi-oh cards scattered across the hardwood floor of our apartment.

Before he met me, he was content with the Japanese salaryman life – lifetime employment living in the same house, working at the same job, with a couple kids and weekly drinking parties at Japanese izakaya bars with his colleges.

Now he can’t wait to travel the world with me. We have our life planned out. A couple years in Japan, a couple years in America, a couple years in the next place we can get a job. Through the meager $10 a month WordPress gives me for hosting ads, we can buy a cheap hostel room once a month (but to be fair, that’s probably a bad idea).

Jumping into Marriage

What we lack in money, we make up in time. And youth. And a lack of knowledge about the commitments of the “real world.” And that adventuresome spirit that hasn’t quite learned to back down.

“I would go somewhere where I could learn something every day.” I decided, one day while washing dishes (a rare occurrence, trust me).

“Which is…?”

“I don’t know.”

But that’s the beauty of travel.

Written for Daily Prompt: Rolling Stone

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16 responses to “My Life is a Rolling Stone (with no commitments): Daily Prompt

  1. Great ideas. Awesome attitude. I wish I hadn’t tied myself down as early as I did (junior year in high school) but I AM going to travel, I’ll just have to start slower to accommodate my toddler & husband. We will gain momentum as they adjust. I’m only 25 after all, it isn’t too late!

    • You have plenty of time!
      And I’ve heard traveling with kids is the best – since they have lots of energy and see the world in a different light 🙂
      (as long as they aren’t cranky)

      • LOL yeah. I think I may wait until she’s at least 4 or 5. She’s very cranky when she doesn’t get her way. There’s a big personality in that tiny body of hers, lol!

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  7. This post is simply great. I love travelling as well. I do hope that your passion for travelling will stay and eventually get a chance to travel whenever you want and wherever you like! 🙂

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  9. Interesting blog! And I totally agree you should travel a lot while you’re still young and not picky about cheap accommodations! 😛 The older one gets, the more finicky one gets too, hahaha. But that’s just me. 😛

    • I’ve noticed that too. I tried travelling with one of my friends who was about 50 – she needed much nicer accommodations (beds, bus seats, etc) than I did, and was always suffering from a bad back.
      It was unfortunate…

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