Things I hate about Japan: Tsuyu Rainy Season

What is the Tsuyu Japanese Rainy Season:

Tsuyu (梅雨) is the rainy season in Japan. Every country seems to have one. The problem with the Japanese rainy season is the fact it makes going on with your life pretty darn difficult for the next couple weeks.

rainy season tsuyu japan tokyo

Why I don’t like it:

It rains every day. And I’m not talking about the wimpy “a couple showers here and there” rain, I’m talking about the sky is literally opening up and dumping its soul on us.

interracial couple japan umbrella rainy season

I used to like the rain. Growing up in Texas, we didn’t get a lot of rain. It was nowhere as rare as snow, but Texas rainstorms are a wonderful, awe-inspiring events. I used to like to sit out on my back porch with a huge family-sized umbrella and just watch the rain fall. Plus, Texas rain smells good.

But then I got a job. And decided to live off campus. And have to bike 20 minutes each way for grocery shopping. And a whole other assortment of things that require me to bike in the rain.

Have you ever tried to bike in the rain? Forget grocery shopping, I’m talking about something as simple as getting to class or work. If you buy a large enough umbrella, you can theoretically bike short distances without getting much more than your shoes and ankles wet.

However, that’s not factoring in wind, starting and stopping, breaking in the rain, when the car next to you runs over a puddle and sprays you with water, or the fact your seat will always be wet (no matter how many plastic bags you put over it). The Japanese Tsuyu rainy season is miserable.

rainy season tsuyu japan tokyo

Why I really don’t like it:

Along with the miserable, messing up your day because you can’t even bike to the station in a suit without it getting ruined, aspect of tsuyu rainy season in Japan, it’s also very humid. Now, I don’t exactly mind humidity, but I’m not a huge fan of it either.

When I lived in Ghana, it was humid every day. When my hair wasn’t braided up in the traditional Ghanaian style (making me look rather awesome, might I add), it was curling in every direction. Humidity is not nice for frizzy hair. Tsuyu rainy season is no exception.

It’s been raining for three weeks now. I’m not even joking. Starting on June 22nd, it has been raining every single day non-stop.

Everything in my apartment is moist. Mold is growing where it shouldn’t be. I don’t own a pair of shoes that isn’t wet. I’ve ruined a leather bag that got left near the window for too long. Worst of all – I’m actually looking forward to going back to Texas because I can’t wait to see the sun again.

rainy season tsuyu japan tokyo

I miss the sun. I’m tired of everything being moist, cloudy, and wet.

Why I understand the rainy season in Japan:

I’m (mostly) done complaining now. Sorry about that.

I understand why the tsuyu rainy season is so important to farmers in Japan. It is an essential time for their rice patties to get some much needed rain. Japanese rice is absolutely delicious – I attribute it’s flavor to the natural wonders of Japanese rain.

Rice Patty in Japan

Rice Patty in Japan

However, I’m not a farmer. I don’t have to like the rainy season. I don’t have to be thankful for it. Instead, I can just sit on mycomputer and complain.

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5 responses to “Things I hate about Japan: Tsuyu Rainy Season

  1. I used to hate rainy season in my pre-driving days!! Now I only hate it because of the laundry hanging everywhere thing (and there are 6 of us!). After many years here, though, rainy season has come to mean “a few more weeks of surviving without turning on the a/c.” I’ve come to appreciate it. I’m sure I would still despise it if I had to bike in a suit, though!

  2. Humidity is the one thing I don’t miss about my American home! Good luck — someday all of your shoes may dry out!

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