We’re not just visiting

My parents just moved back to Ghana – I am a huge fan of their blog (one of the inspirations for my OWN blog)

Steve & Suzanne - Serving In Ghana

overlooking the Ashesi Campus courtyard


There are some moves that seem so difficult if feels as if the weight of the universe is against you. When unpacking from one of those moves, it quickly becomes clear we either moved too much, or didn’t give/throw away as much as we could have. “Now why did I save that?” Then there are moves that go so smoothly they seem like destiny, and unpacking feels a bit like Christmas, “I’m so glad I brought that.”

Our luggage arrived! Our luggage arrived!

Our move was so easy it did feel like destiny, but the fact that I use the word brought, as opposed to moved signals to me the finality of this move has not penetrated. It still feels like a visit, a visit with a lot of baggage.

Something you don’t see every day… Free Urinal

Is this what Alzheimer’s is like?

Everything about Ghana feels familiar…

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